Removes the outermost layer of dead skin and reveal the lighter, more youthful-appearing inner skin. treats skin pigmentation regains vaginal form, tone, and flexibility. 

plasma/plasma gel injection 

It promotes healing of the vaginal tissues. PRP treatment can help treat  vaginal dryness, frequent vaginal infections, and urinary incontinence.

o-shot / G-shot 

O Shot and G Shot rejuvenate vaginal tissue and enhance sexual pleasure and increase natural lubrication.

mesofiller injections 

 Creating stiffness in the vaginal skin , Lightening of the genital skin and Rejuvenation

hifu & rf 

 A method that uses laser pulses to perforate the skin signaling the surrounding area to “repair itself” or become “tighter” and reducing labial sagging This encourages the growth of more collagen and elastin, so the vaginal walls are stronger and plumper.