what makes us different ? 

Dr.Ebtihal AL-Habib clinic is proud to be known as an only women clinic located in Sharq,Kuwait providing all types of cosmetic services from our special medical team and staff that we like to call a family. a group that dreams, laughs, works and loves together. those whom you can always count on. always present not only in the good times.  

Our clinic is known to be described as “home” where patients feel belonged, share love, laughter and happiness.

Not only do we approach our patient’s physical appearance, but we mainly prioritize our patients mental health which plays a big roll in DR.Ebtihal Al-Habib’s clinic as we ensure patient’s comfort and satisfaction.

We go by our famous catchword “be yourself” that purely describes our unique clinic’s identity. 

our doctors 

Consultant family physician

Owner and medical director of Dr.Ebtihal al-Habib clinic 


DR.Ebtihal Al-Habib

Masters in Dermatology and Venereology 

Diploma in Dermatology laser treatment. 

DR.Asmaa Hegazy

American fellowship in Cosmetic medicine and Anti-aging. 


Dr.Alanoud Al-Reyahi

Bachelors of medicine and surgery of Egypt 

Masters in Cosmetic medicine and skin diseases of Britain.

Dr.Christen farouk


Womenhood. passion. dreams